Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Enough copying and pasting: a taster of what I do.

Ever since I was about 13 i've always customized my clothes, especially t-shirts and vests. This summer, in my spare time I decided to do a small capsule collection of tops, just for fun.

'F.I.A.R: Fashion is a Ritual'
Hand dyed/cut/sewn.
Real feathers hand sewn.
Hand painted.
Feather top in white and without trim.

I have a few more tops in this collection which I will put up later once i've photographed them!

Another project I worked on was one of my fave; I designed two tops for my friend Ciro, the owner of my fave restaurant and hang out 'Pizza Pommodoro' in Beauchamp Place.

Designed and made by me. Hand sewn real leather. Metal studs.
Can't find a proper photo of him wearing it so this'll have to do!
Amazing night at Ciro's Pommodoro with friends.
Hand painted by me. Embroidery detail on fur.
Hand painted/screen printed.

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